The Best MacBook Sleeves and Cases That Have You Covered:

The Great Mystery

Apple can be a funny company sometimes. They won’t hesitate to sell you a whole range of expensive first-party accessories, but somehow have missed out on providing a first-party MacBook bag. At least, despite some furious Googling, I was not able to find a record of such a thing.

I guess it sort of makes sense when you think about it. Apple users tend to be pretty individualistic and an Apple bag or sleeve line wouldn’t offer enough diversity to make it worth it. Personally I think that an original Apple laptop bag would sell like hotcakes, but this is the situation we are in. So if you want something to protect that shiny new Mac portable computer, what are your options? It’s hard not to simply pick out a bunch of bags that I would like, so I’ve tried to round up a selection that offers something interesting in terms of looks and color. Usually I wouldn’t give so much weight to a bag’s form over its function, but for an Apple accessory you need to be in a different headspace and give aesthetics their due. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the more interesting and attractive MacBook bag choices on the market.

MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag Compatible 15 to 15.6 Inch

I have a soft spot for felt. I guess all those years of playing pool had given me a love for how it feels to the touch. It also has some of that old-world charm to it, which shines through with this bag from Mosiso thanks to the addition of leather bits as well. Try as I might, I could not confirm whether the leather is real or not. But given the eco-friendly synthetic felt, I suspect it’s faux leather. People who have bought and handled this bag also seem unable to decide if the leather is real or not, which is a big compliment actually. The bag has microfiber on the inside, which should help protect and clean your MacBook.

This bag comes in two sizes, one for 13″ MacBooks and the other for 15″ ones. You get a shoulder strap as well as integrated handles, but not much else. This is a compact and slim bag only for your computer. I don’t see anyone using this as a general-purpose messenger bag or anything like that. So if you aren’t always carrying your MacBook with you and just need something to protect it in the car or on the way to the office and back, this is a very minimalist solution, which I quite like at this price.

MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag Compatible with 15-inch MacBook Pro

Mosiso sure has some range when it comes to bag styles and colors. This shoulder bag comes in the most interesting shade of … pink? Purple? I’m pretty terrible at picking shades apart, but whatever color this actually is I think it looks pretty nice! It comes in many other colors as well, but my eye was drawn to this particular shade as being the most interesting.

This design comes in a wide variety of sizes, but obviously MacBook users are mainly going to be interested in the 13- and 15-inch varieties. There’s a slim pocket at the front which will fit a phone and a pen or two. Once again, however, this is mainly just a way to cart around your MacBook. Despite its compactness, this bag comes with quite a bit of protection against drops and bumps. I wouldn’t test this notion, but the padding seems substantial.

What makes this bag nice is that it’s not just a simple sleeve, but has space for additional small items, making it sort of a sleeve-plus design. So if you really only have say, a wallet and phone in addition to your laptop, this could be a great lightweight solution!

WIWU 17.3-Inch Diamond Laptop Sleeve

This black and red, diamond-patterned laptop sleeve immediately caught my eye and I think few people will disagree that this is a pretty stylish bag. It’s more than just a pretty face, though. There are multiple features built into the sleeve designed to stop your MacBook from meeting a bad end in the case of a fall. It has a protective ridge that runs around the inside of the sleeve. This gives it more structural strength and soaks up some impact force as well.

The sleeve is also water resistant, so a bout of rain or a spilled drink shouldn’t mean cashing in on your insurance quite yet. The whole thing is covered in shock-resistant dimples, so it seems like a great choice for the paranoid MacBook fan.

Of course, you should only use this for the 17″ MacBook it was designed to house. The 17″ is, of course, pretty rare these days so it’s nice to see someone making an affordable housing for it. While you can carry your laptop around in this sleeve just as it is, it has no handles or additional pockets, which means it’s best combined with a backpack or large shoulder bag. If I had the 17″ MacBook Pro, I’d give this one serious consideration.

MANCIO Slim Vintage Laptop Backpack

Personally, I’m a big fan of messenger bags. I like having my stuff at hand and within sight. Still, there’s a lot to like about a backpack. For one thing, it’s much less tiring to wear one, since the weight is spread evenly. On the other hand, it’s really hard to find a backpack that doesn’t look like it was designed for children. That’s why I stopped scrolling when I saw this bag by Mancio – it’s not boring, but at the same time I don’t see any kindergarten kids pining for it either. It’s a “vintage” style, and comes in a variety of colors. For my money, however, the green is the one to get. It’s not garish like the purple, but not nearly as boring as the black option. It’s a really handsome bag.

The material its made from is light, with padded shoulder straps and a handy USB pass-through port so you can charge stuff. Just plug in a power bank on the inside of the bag and you can juice up without having the main compartment open. The backpack can handle a 15.6″ laptop, but has additional space for things like iPads and other odds and ends. Given that this entire backpack costs about as much as one of the typical sleeves I’ve seen, it’s a fantastic deal.

Kamlui 13.3″ MacBook Pro Bag

I will be 100% honest with you: I don’t understand what’s fashionable or not, so I really don’t know if this bag from Kamlui should be considered fashionable or stylish. What I do know is that this seems like it’s fashionable – like Cruella de Vil herself might have bought it if only it was made from Dalmations. It’s got a big pink flap and straps, with black and white vertical stripes, gold-colored clips, and a black strap. It’s very 80s, which I believe is once again the in-thing.

It comes in three sizes, but Apple users can basically skip the 14″ middle size. It’s got a decent front pocket, which is securely covered by the main flap. According to the makers of the bag, you can fit small accessories like a mouse or even A4-sized documents in there. If you have a MacBook that can charge via USB-PD, then it’s a decent spot to slip in a power bank as well. It’s a very eye-catching way to cart your Mac around, which might not be a good idea if you live in a high-crime area. If not, and you love some fashionable attention, this might be the one for you.

MOSISO Water Repellent Neoprene Sleeve Bag

The diamond sleeve we saw earlier might be a little too busy for many people, but a nice simple sleeve is still an attractive idea for many MacBook owners. So Mosiso once again has you covered (pun intended) with a more elegant and discreet sleeve. Even better, you get a totally separate matching sleeve for accessories, which means you also have somewhere to put your power brick and cables. Since sleeves are meant to be placed inside another bag, this is a neat touch and should make it easy to find your other MacBook bits when you’re rifling around in your backpack.

The back has three layers, with the outer layer consisting of a water-resistant neoprene material. The middle layer is sponge for impact protection and then the inside is a plush material to prevent scratches. It’s not rocket science or super high-tech, but look at the asking price – how could you ask for more? This is also available in every color under the sun and a few patterns that vintage-loving hipsters will adore. A great stocking stuffer for the Apple fan in your life.

Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag for New MacBook Air (New MacBooks Only!)

Let’s face it, your MacBook was a pretty expensive purchase. In some parts of the world you can buy a used car for less than a new MacBook, so it makes sense to want some protection for it. For general users a padded sleeve should be just fine, but what if you expect the occasional bit of rough handling? Maybe you fly a lot or commute in a busy city where people bump into you all the time. This specialized protective shoulder bag from Tomtoc might be a good investment if you’re worried about your prize possession getting smashed up.

In terms of styling, it’s mildly reminiscent of a corporate business laptop bag, which might not appeal to many Apple users. However, it does come in some lighter colors than black, and if you look closer there’s a bit more detail than your typical corporate drone bag offers. There are two sizes on offer, covering all but the 17″ MacBook models. In terms of safety features you have some incredibly thick padding that, to be honest, verges on carpeting. The corners of the bag have also been reinforced with special bumpers that dissipate the force of the fall onto the bag itself rather than transferring it to your poor MacBook.

I really like the design of this bag. You slide the laptop itself in from the side and then there are two independent compartments on the front. It’s very elegant. The handle is itself also retractable, so the whole thing stays nice and neat – an important feature in a bag you may want to take on public transport or a flight. Handles always get hooked on stuff when using the overhead storage.

The one major caveat with this bag is that Tomtoc has engineered it pretty precisely; if you have the wrong year model of MacBook it simply won’t fit. Basically, it must be the new MacBooks that have only the two USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports on the side. They are shorter in depth than the old MacBooks, which is why they won’t fit in this snug bag. Buying the exact model of this bag for your computer means it won’t bang around inside the bag, providing extra protection. Tomtoc does make other similar bags for different laptops, so if you don’t have the right Mac for this one, just hit up your friendly search engine.

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